July 25, 2009

Welcome Back, Kanon!

Last year some Japanese friends of ours, Makoto, Naoko, and Kanon, moved back home. Naoko and Kanon are in town for several weeks this summer and we got together on Wednesday at the Museum of Science. It's always a treat to see old friends. And the girls got right back into their friendship, as if Kanon had only been gone twelve days and not twelve months!

They explored

and explored
and explored
and laughed
and explored
and explored some more.

And then we had lunch.

Brian was with us doing his own investigations
of dinosaurs, the human body, and magnetic balls.

We're so glad to have Kanon in town again. She'll even be joining Elizabeth for VBS next week! I'm sure there will be more pictures in coming weeks. We never take for granted the great friends that we have met in our journey here in Cambridge. Now we just have to make our way to Japan someday!

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