June 17, 2009

Wednesdays This Summer

The Cambridge libraries offer free or discounted passes to many museums and attractions in an around Boston. A few weeks back, someone was getting a Museum of Science pass while I was at the library, so I chose a day and got one too. This turned into deciding that I would take the kids out on Wednesdays this summer, rotating through the Museum of Science, the zoo, and the Children's Museum. I'm excited for this time with them, grateful for a summer with a toddler and not a newborn, and delighted at how interested Elizabeth is in all of these places. It's also nice to be able to tell Elizabeth that if we're not able to get to something, we'll be back in 3 weeks. You can reserve the passes pretty far in advance, so I've got a nice queue of them to be picked up at the library as the weeks go by.

We began these Wednesday excursions last week at the Museum of Science.

Climbing the stairs to see the Tamarinds.

Riding a bike and watching what's going on with your bones.

A live animal show.
We didn't make it through the whole thing.

I can't believe this photo came out so well!
I love it.

Today we continued the new tradition at the Franklin Park Zoo. Seriously, we could not have asked for a better day! The sun was shining, (after many days of grey and/or rain), and the temperature was perfect.

Happy and energetic about the outing.
(Note the turned carseat for the big boy!)

E and the giraffes.

E took this shot of the Tree Kangaroos.

Brian stretching his legs at lunchtime.
He's enjoying the outings too!

E's had a fever the last 2 days,
so the zoo wiped her out.

I'm so excited about these outings with the kids throughout the summer!
Stay tuned for more photos and stories, if there are any interesting ones.


  1. definitely one of the major perks that i miss about cambridge! we had a bit of culture shock moving back south -- where's all the free stuff to do??! plus summer up there is magical -- enjoy it for us -- it's supposed to break 100 here today!

  2. These are just all too cute!!! i think Brian was saying
    Ba for bike as he walks toward it. I love all these pics! They are so much fun.