June 11, 2009

It's a Celebration! - Part 3

My dear sister threw me a birthday party while we were in Pittsburgh. It made me feel so very special and loved. The whole family was there and a couple friends from high school. It was really fun, though I felt quite conspicuous opening gifts in front of a large group. Our wedding was probably the last time I did that. Descriptions follow with the photos, and a video is added as a special treat.

The men, doing their manly discussions thing.
Bro-in-law Adam was manning the grill.

Little cousins, Brian and Henry,
admiring big cousin Isaac's sweet shades.

My friends and I all have female first-borns:
Georgia, Elizabeth, Julia.

The kids in attendance.
This seriously made me feel grown up...
I'm not part of this subgroup anymore!

The young moms in attendance:
Abby & Jen (friends from high school), me, Michelle, and Michelle
(The second Michelle married into the family, and no, it's never confusing. ha!)

Thank you all for a lovely birthday, especially to Adam, Michelle, and Isaac for hosting! Now, check out this video, you won't be disappointed!

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