June 10, 2009

Joy School Graduation

Elizabeth is now beyond the age of preschool. We had a wonderful year with 4 of her little friends: Elizabeth M. (who moved part way through the year), Esme (who joined half way through), Bjarney, and Matthew. The Joy School curriculum is too much fun! I cannot express enough thanks to our friend and neighbor, Anna, for asking us to participate. And now, without further ado, some photos and video for your viewing pleasure.

This was Elizabeth in September
on her first day of Joy School.

Matthew, Elizabeth, Elizabeth M., and Bjarney
early in the school year.

Elizabeth, Bjarney, Matthew, and Esme
later in the year.

Anna put together a lovely little graduation event, complete with "super teacher" awards for all of us moms from Matthew, beautiful orange Gerbera flowers for moms and graduates, and sweet little graduation caps. The commencement order of events was as follows:

Gathering Together
Super Teacher Awards
Children Sing Joy School Songs
Distribution of Diplomas
Food and Beverages

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