June 20, 2009

Look Out!

Any of you familiar with the Strawberry Girl and a Strawberry World Strawberry Shorcake song? If you're not interested in watching the video below, the chorus goes like this:
Jump and clap and turn around
Make a big strawberry sound (2x)

In the evenings after Brian goes to bed, we've been playing a game with Elizabeth called Sleeping Queens. (Sidenote: It is SUCH a fun game!!!) In the middle of the game last night, E was losing focus and the silliness was escalating. She was lying on the couch and started singing the above chorus. Then she sang these new lyrics:

Jump and clap and turn around,
I'll donkey kick you to the ground.

WHAT?! Visitors beware, you just might get donkey kicked when you least expect it!


  1. I am keeping my eyes on her ;p

  2. wow, I'm really glad she was napping yesterday when we came by - imagine, putting my daughter in that kind of danger too!

    Seriously, Elizabeth, I like your version way better.

  3. Remind me not to get things started by jumping, clapping, or turning around...