June 24, 2009

Truth for Life

Quite some time ago (maybe years), I caught a sermon by Alistair Begg on the radio. I don't remember the time or the place, but he was doing some serious preaching an I wanted to hear more. I've heard him on a handful of occasions since, but never gotten into the habit of listening. Several months ago I tried to tune in through the Truth for Life website, but couldn't download for one reason or another. (I never did figure it out and Colin didn't seem to understand it either.) After getting the most awesome mother's day gift ever, this lovely purple iPod, I realized I could get podcasts from Truth for Life through iTunes. Horray!!! Now I listen while I wash the dishes in the evenings.

What a blessing it has been.

Friends, if you want to
  • hear the Bible preached with love, passion, and boldness,
  • learn about who God is, and
  • be challenged and encouraged in your faith
then tune in via Truth for Life. If we ever visit or live in Cleveland, you'll find me in a pew at Mr. Begg's church for sure! This man is in the calling for which God created him, no doubt about it.

PS Added bonus: Begg is from Scotland, so not only do you get to hear good preaching, you get it in a cool accent. :)

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