June 28, 2009


E got stung by something a few days ago. She didn't notice till well after we'd come in from the playground. Then it was really bothering her. All I knew to do with it was try the baking soda and water paste. I'd never done it before, but here's photo documentation of the treatment. The results speak for themselves.


After about 10 min of the paste

After a second paste treatment
She never complained about it again.

The original reason I took the first picture, was so she could see what was on her back. I love the digital age; we didn't have to try to work it out with mirrors, I just took a picture and showed it to her. Sweet. Then the treatment worked so well, I had to take "after" shots!


  1. great tip which i'm sure i will use one day!

  2. wow! Impressive. I'll keep that one in my back pocket.