April 10, 2014

Say "Yes!"

Last I had the opportunity to share with you, I encouraged you wonderful ladies to hide God’s word in your heart by memorizing Scripture passages that you felt God wanted you to focus on.  At the time, I was memorizing the passage in I John 4 about love.  Loving others does not come naturally to me, (does it to anyone out there?!), so taking time to dwell on God as the definition of love and how He shows love was just what the Great Physician ordered.  And wouldn’t you know it, God used His Word to get me thinking not only about loving others in my church or neighborhood, but also my closest neighbors, the ones with bedrooms on the same hall as mine – my husband and kids.

You see, I often won’t hesitate to drop what I’m doing to help a neighbor or take a phone call from a friend.  But when one of my children needs me to stop for a few minutes and read them a story, come see their new Lego creation or simply listen to them share their latest out-of-this-world idea, my answer is often, “Not now.  Later.”  Or when my husband needs to talk at exactly the time I’m about to put my feet up and enjoy a little “me time” with a cup of tea and a book, my body language screams “leave me alone” while I pretend to listen and be interested.
I know the right, kind and loving thing to do: engage.
Like Jesus.
But I often don’t want to do the right, kind and loving thing! ...
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