April 14, 2014

Interrupted by Grace {Day 14}: Connecting

My house is such a mess today, Monday.  I had a very fun weekend.  There is a causal relationship!

There was so much joy in this weekend, I'm not sure what to share with you.  I'm thankful for having opportunity to see my dad, (in person, not on Skype, yay!), the fun of celebrating a birthday with dear friends from our Pittsburgh church, having time Sunday afternoon to do some edifying reading, the jubilance (is that a word?) of Palm Sunday worship, and enjoying a stroll to the park with the kids.  Oh yeah, the weather was PERFECTION, too.  This weekend filled up my heart.

But I suppose I was most interrupted by grace when I got to have a conversation with a friend from our Cambridge, MA days who had contacted me about "'picking my brain" about blogging and speaking.  The Lord worked it out just right that she was free as we were driving into the city on Saturday morning.  As I talked with her I thought about two things:
  1. How neat it is to reconnect with people you never see, except on Facebook, and
  2. How neat it is that God guides our steps.
I did not have any life-changing wisdom to share with Rebecca, but it was so fun to connect with her and learn about how similar we are in thinking and interests.  It was a delight to be able to say, I'm gonna pray for you and your ministry desires and pursuits when you come to mind.  It was a comfort to affirm one another in our current work and ministry as mothers of young children.  My heart soared with joy after talking with her, knowing that as God has opened doors for me He will for her too.

Rebecca, thanks for initiating the opportunity to connect!

I hope your weekend, dear reader, had some life-giving elements to it and some moments where you had to pause and give thanks as God interrupted you by grace.

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