April 26, 2014

Interrupted by Grace {Day 26}: Provision

Thursday I called back the doctor who had seen us on Wednesday, hoping she'd have some time available for me to bring the kids back for their vaccinations.  The receptionist said she couldn't schedule for me in the next week or so, because she had to schedule three full consecutive appointments and none were available.  Since we've already done the long consultation, I asked the woman on the phone if she could have the doctor call me.  (Anxiety rising - these seem to be the only people in the Pittsburgh area with the vaccine!)

I didn't hear from her that day.  She phoned yesterday morning and (praise the Lord!) is able to see the kids exactly ten days before we leave.  Now, because this is a private travel vaccination agency, it will cost us a fortune.   Financially speaking, the County Health Department is definitely the best way to go!  But, (again, praise God!) we got more than enough of a tax refund to cover the billions of dollars it will cost us to be ready to travel. hahaha.

Seriously though, spending money when I "could have" saved drives me bonkers.  One could argue I have a money idolatry problem, but that's fuel for a different post.  I also get really embarrassed when I find myself in situations like this because I didn't plan ahead enough.  One could argue I have an organization idol, too!  What a great growing experience this is, huh?

Anyway, I'm interrupted by grace that there is plenty of extra money to cover the cost of these vaccinations and that there is a place in Pittsburgh that has them.  I was starting to think we would need to drive to Cleveland!  No joke.

How graciously God provides.

Has the Lord interrupted you by grace lately with unexpected provision?  Do share!

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