April 7, 2014

Interrupted by Grace {Day 7}: Talking About Growing Up

This weekend was a coming-together of thoughts and a release from fear that I owe to God, of course, but that He worked mostly through a friend's bold blog post called, Let's Talk About Sex.

We have an almost 10-year-old young lady in our home who lives in her own little innocent and beautiful world.  She doesn't ask many questions.  Lately, I've been feeling like I need to talk with her about being female and life changes that are coming up.  But I've also felt so petrified about how to get the conversation going when she's not inquiring!  In addition, I've been immensely confused about what she needs to know right now and what could be saved for a future date.

I read Ruthie's post on Saturday and felt inspired to get talking with Elizabeth from a Godly perspective.  So I sat first to talk with God on Sunday morning about "what to do."  He helped me work out the important things for our eldest to know now and what could be left for later.  He led me to Scripture (Genesis 1 and Psalm 139) that talks about how we're made: how wonderfully, how specifically, how intentionally.  And He whispered to my heart, There's no time like the present.  Brew some tea, get out some chocolates, and chat tonight.  I felt emboldened by that quiet time and at ease.

Nevertheless, because I'm pro at wimping out and not following through, I told Elizabeth that morning that  before bedtime we'd be having a special tea and chat about being a woman.

She was so excited about it!  Maybe it was the appeal of tea and chocolate, but whatever it was, my nervous mommy heart set even more at ease.

As we were getting tea ready that evening and picking out our chocolates, Elizabeth said to me, "You know what I think would be cool, mom?  Starting a mom and daughter Bible study where we read something from the Bible together and talk about it."

The Lord had used His Word to give me structure for talking with Elizabeth about growing and changing.  The Lord had also been working in Elizabeth's heart to give her a love for reading and knowing more about the Word.


Nope, just another interrupted by grace moment brought to me by the Good Shepherd, my Heavenly Father.

By the way, our time together was super fun and natural and just right for where our big girl is at the moment.  Phew!  Praise the Lord.

How was your weekend?  Looking back, can you see a time or two that God interrupted you by grace?  I'd love to hear your stories, so don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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