April 20, 2014

Interrupted by Grace {Day 19}: Changed Plans

Happy Easter!

I missed out on posting yesterday, so I'll pound out a quick story this morning before the bustle of the day begins.

Friday we had plans to go into Pittsburgh to meet up with my mom and cousin, Joy, and head to the County Health Department to get our yellow fever shots.  We'll be traveling to Rwanda next month and need to have this one vaccine to enter the country.  Early that morning I thought, It seems unlikely they'd be closed, but maybe they are for Good Friday.  After speaking with my mom, she called to make sure they were open.

The were, but they didn't have any yellow fever vaccines!

I was glad to be spared the futile trip down to the office, but disappointed we couldn't get this important aspect of our travel plans squared away.  We still continued with our plan to head into Pittsburgh in the morning.  As we arrived at my parent's house, there was a tow truck driver working out getting my cousin's car out of their driveway.

She had gone to pull out of the drive the night before (just a day after arriving from DC) and the axle had snapped, just like that.  What a joyous praise that that did not happen on the highway!  We were all feeling quite thankful for that.  Everyone seemed a little less thankful about the amount of time that was taken up in dealing with getting the car towed and learning what was wrong with it.

I was interrupted by grace at God's protection of my cousin and the elimination of the vaccination visit from our schedule.  Once all was said and done, it would have been so very hectic, with our other plans in the day, to have needed to sit in the Health Department office that afternoon as well.

Would you pray two things when you think of it?  One, that we'd be able to get our vaccines when they come in in 10 days or so.  And two, that the Lord will provide just the right car for my cousin to drive home on Monday.  Thank you!

Have a very happy Easter!!

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