April 16, 2014

Interrupted by Grace {Day 16}: Irritability

Man, yesterday morning I was feeling the rub of all things that needed to be accomplished before the sun set.  When this happens I get really antsy and impatient, mostly with the kids.  My irritability in such situations makes it difficult for me to speak kindly to them, every word comes out with a sharp edge and every sentence ends with a sigh.

The reality, there was nothing wrong.  The worst that could have happened - and did - was that Elizabeth had to complete her work during her rest time and I would have to stay up a little later than I wanted.  Horrific, right?

Once school work was done and the kids watched their usual post-rest time cartoon, Katherine was awake and we headed to the grocery store.  The to-do list was slowly diminishing; I had been able to blog alongside Elizabeth while she worked and write a grocery list while they kids watched tv.  No disasters had occurred!  Remarkable, considering how my morning attitude indicated that the world was going to end or something!

In the middle of all my heart "hecticness", I sensed the Spirit several times telling me to chill out, take a deep breath, and speak kindly.  I was interrupted by grace that God was reminding me of His presence and His desire to mold me, even in the midst of my sin.

What a gracious God that while we were still sinners He died for us.  What a compassionate God that He doesn't spit spiteful speech out at us like daggers (like some mothers I know!), but gently nudges us in our hearts by His Spirit.

I'm floored by His mercy and loving-kindness.

I want to look more like Him.

It is a great week to meditate on such things!

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