April 3, 2014

Interrupted by Grace {Day 3}: When Illness Strikes

Yesterday started with fearful sobbing coming from Katherine's room, at 2:30am.  The smell when I opened the door told me there was laundry to put in the washer and a sick child to bathe.  Poor girl.  It was four before she was willing to be left again in her freshly sheeted crib.

I slept in till seven (should it even be legal to say that?), and the rest of the day was approached in a laid back fashion.  Brian started feeling sick late morning.  After school work was done, we played some Mall Madness, everyone took their usual afternoon rest time, and we watched a movie in the afternoon.  Brian crashed into bed before he could eat dinner and Katherine started throwing up about the same time - more laundry, another bath.  Really, the whole day was pretty strange, strange peaceful.  I even got to have a quick trip out with just Elizabeth after dinner to get a few necessaries.  She's good company, that girl.

As I processed the day while forcing myself to do chores before heading to bed, it hit me that I never needed a nap!  The Good Lord had sustained me through the day and not once did it occur to me to think about, let alone complain about, the interrupted sleep.  That was not what I expected when I had crawled back into bed at four a.m.

God interrupted me by grace in revealing Himself as my Sustainer!  Boy, was I grateful.

God also used the day to address how much I want to complain (I really like to complain, don't tell anyone) about how hectic life is with an active toddler and three talkative kids.  Forgive me, Lord.  A sick and sluggish Katherine is the saddest thing.  And a day with hardly a question from Brian about how the world works?  Awful.  I would much rather have floors littered with toys at the end of the day and have barely had a moment's mental peace, than see my kids in such helpless states as they were yesterday.  I'm thankful for the perspective a sick day provided.

God is good, even when the circumstances are not.

How has He been good to you in the last 24 hours?

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