May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Below is an attempt at a poem for you mothers out there! I think it's mostly from the perspective of a mommy with small kids. But I hope you're encouraged nonetheless. It's no light thing, motherhood. Today my prayer for you is that you would delight a little more in what you've been called to as a mom and seek to honor God in the joys and the challenges of it. You are not the only mom who yells at or gets frustrated with her kids and at the end of the day wonders if she's accomplished anything at all; you're in a REALLY BIG club with those of us who feel the same. The members of that club also all love their children so deeply they would do anything for them.

Mom, your work is beautiful. Your children are blessed to have you!

And now, a poem followed by some photos:


Early mornings
Late nights
Make meals
Mediate fights
Read stories
Pick up toys
Nurture, protect
Savor the joys
Teach, correct
Cuddles, hugs
Wash clothes
Kill bugs
Laugh at jokes
That are not funny
Pinch pennies
To save some money
Work hard
But don't forget,
This is your greatest
Calling yet.
Persevere with hope;
Keep it up!
And let the Good Lord
Fill your cup.

My daughter got me these lovely flowers yesterday, and this is the table I had to put them on. ha ha ha!

My kids, who make it all possible!
Whatever "it" is....

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. love your poem, Heather! You are an awesome mom to your two cuties!

  2. I wanted to thank you for all the Mom-related encouragement you've been dishing out recently. Keep it up! It's food for my soul.

  3. love the poem! so true to life! my favorite is mediate laugh at jokes that are not funny...we are so at he beginning of that stage and i told jeff that with kate right behind hannah we have non-funny jokes for hte next 5 years or so. you're awesome!