May 25, 2010


One of the fun things about graduate school is getting to interact with people from so many different places in the world and introduce them to American traditions and treats. Last week I walked past a display of s'mores ingredients at the grocery store and snatched up a bag of marshmallows, a pack of Hershey's bars, and a box of graham crackers. Our complex has "hot grill night" every Friday, the perfect opportunity to introduce my friends to the delicacy that is the s'more.

My mom and I collected sticks from around the playground in the afternoon, so we were ready when it came time for dessert!

The children went first:
Chile, the US, and Iceland toasting marshmallows together!

The moms had their share!
These are my good friends Gyda and Macarena.

The men got into it too!

Friday was E's birthday;
she ate a s'more in lieu of cake.

We were all happy Grandma was there too.
She guarded the chocolate so everyone got s'more!
(ha ha ha!!!)

Look at this tastiness on a plate!

You know you want some. I picked up more ingredients tonight, show up on Friday if you'd like to join in the yummy fun!


  1. Heather, you are so awesome. I can't believe you're moving. What a blessing you have been here and will be wherever you go. See you soon!

  2. Love summer and s'mores. We often throw a piece of firewood on our grill (charcoal) after grilling and have s'mores. William is a pro at this. We do it so often, we have the hot dog/marshmallow long skewer things. Mmmm.....