May 19, 2010

Birthday Preparations

A couple of weeks ago we purchased all of the party goods we would need for Elizabeth's birthday party this coming weekend. A few days later I got the goods for making her cake. This year it's a butterfly theme and I found a "howdini" video about making a butterfly birthday cake. Here's the final result:

Elizabeth insisted that the butterfly have stripes on one side and spots on the other. It's her birthday, so I didn't argue. She took care of the spotted side and I the striped. At one point she was giddy with delight as she decorated. And I'm thankful that she's is who she is, and doesn't mind that her mama could not get a crumbless coat of icing on the cake!


  1. It's a beautiful cake and just because scientists haven't yet seen a butterfly with striped wings on one side and dotted wings on the other side doesn't mean that one doesn't exist in God's wonderful world!

    Have a terrific "Butterfly" birthday, Elizabeth!


  2. giddy is right...that cake looks awesome! what a special bday for a special girl!! happy birthday, elizabeth!