May 19, 2010

The Next-to-Last Big Day!

Colin has completed his final thesis defense. I am now married to a man who got his doctorate at MIT. Wow! I am so proud of him...and hope I can live up to being the wife of such a smart dude!

Today, he will read through the document and make any final changes before taking it to the printer. Friday (our daughter's sixth birthday) he'll hand everything in and RELAX for the first time in many years!

Now, Defense Day in photos: (Thankfully, Colin's parents remembered to bring a camera. Wife fail!)

getting set up


sharing with friends

Elizabeth practicing for her future in teaching

the necessary signatures

the gene pool

Our friend Roberto defended yesterday too;
we looked after his daughter.

quick trip to the student center before dinner... Bisuteki, the Japanese steak house.
Oh Yeah!!

Onion volcano!

virgin piƱa colada

Brian did a great job,
finding many ways to keep himself busy.

Thank you, parents-in-law, for coming and the great dinner! Thank you, friends and colleagues to Colin, who attended the defense! Thank you to all of you who prayed for Colin and were with him in spirit! We're grateful to all of you for your friendship and support.


  1. a BIG congrats to colin!! that is awesome.

  2. yippee! Great job, Colin! The Lord is so faithful to finish what he starts.

    I love that y'all went to Bisuteki for dinner - the perfect choice.

  3. wow!! congrats to you all!! what an accomplishment for colin, and what a adventure ahead for you all!! blessings!

  4. So so so so awesome. God is so very good. I feel so emotional looking at your pictures! You are a beautiful family and we are so happy for Colin and you. What a huge accomplishment.
    I'm just choosing to ignore the fact that you're actually about to leave. :(

  5. Awesome. Good to see photos!