May 16, 2010

Remember ... Don't Forget

Tonight I was reflecting (while brushing my teeth) on the journey that we've taken to get where we are. Though there have been many great times, it has not always been easy. I don't want to reveal too much about our lives in such a public venue, but I do want to say that the joy we feel in Colin reaching this milestone goes far beyond the normal happiness of completing a degree. We are thankful. We give God the praise for guiding and sustaining us through these years in Cambridge.

God was always telling the Israelites to remember, lest they forget WHO was really sovereign and guiding their steps.

In this post, I will remember.

1. God provided me with a job BEFORE we moved up here, and I had gotten the interview call when we were up here trying to find a place to live. What a "coincidence," huh?
2. God got us, after 7 months, to the congregation we needed to be in to grow spiritually during our graduate school years.
3. God blessed us (though at the time we freaked out!!!) with an unexpected pregnancy that got me out of my all-consuming job.
4. God provided for us monetarily in a bunch of crazy ways at very crucial times: a residential life position, a in-home babysitting job for a good friend's daughter, and an inheritance we did not know was coming.
5. God met us each in places of deep need and waywardness and gently drew us back to Himself, assuring us of His love and the truth of the gospel.
6. God has kept us together, though there were times that life's challenges could have driven us apart.
7. God used our family and friends in practical ways to help us and encourage us through the darker times.
8. God used the years I waited to have our second child to teach me about waiting, trusting, respecting my husband, and rejoicing with those who rejoice & mourning with those who mourn.
9. God got Colin into a research project one summer, because he needed funding, that has become the topic of his PhD and what he will continue to pursue as a post doc.
10. God has seen fit to take us back to Pittsburgh; honestly, I don't know if I really believe it yet!

I'm sure there is more. This list is overwhelmingly awesome. God be praised!

With this tucked into the recesses of my brain and the depths of my heart, I can only look forward with GREAT anticipation to what God will do with us next. What peace there is for the child of God, who knows his life is always under the gentle guidance of his loving Father.

Would you care to share some "stones of remembrance" from your life in the comments?

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  1. isn't it great to see how God has worked all things for our good? it really gives me peace when things seem crazy because i know that in the he has always taken care of me in ways i could only understand after the fact and it helps me wait to see how he is taking care of me :) thanks for sharing your blessings!!