May 2, 2010

The Freedom Trail

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN! It's indescribably fantastic to have a husband who's available on the weekends again. We walked the Freedom Trail from beginning to end with breaks to check out historical sites, buy pastries, eat lunch, and finally eat the afore mentioned pastries. This post is a little over the top with photos, but for those of you who used to live here, I hope it's a treat to see Boston. Most of the photos were taken by Colin, all rights reserved...some of them are really nice!

Waiting for the train

Beacon Hill
Go Celtics and Bruins!
(But actually, we're rooting for the other
black and gold team.)

Follow the red brick line!

This little guy is SO glad to be with his daddy.

Paul Revere & Old North Church

I wanted to get Boston sweatshirts for the whole family, but I couldn't sell Colin on the idea and they didn't have Brian's size. So the girls got new sweatshirts! Mine will replace a grey zip hoodie that I've had since Elizabeth was about 4 months old. It's beat and it's time to say good-bye. Elizabeth's is huge and will fit her until she's ten. I felt like such a tourist; it was fun!

Have the kids grown or is this door really small?

My husband's artistic work:
the tower at the Old North Church

Fancy car!

Did you know the Bruins were in the playoffs?!

Zakim Bridge

Copp's Hill Burial Ground:
it's old.

I loved this little row house and only after I took the picture did I realize how the mini made it even more enchanting. It was such a delight to walk these back roads of Boston, with the narrow streets and row houses all smashed together. I've never been on the trail beyond the Old North Church. Boston is a dear old town. I will miss it!

Colin humored me to get a cheesy and touristy family photo next to this Freedom Trail map. At this point we were in Charlestown and headed down to the Navy Yard to see Ol' Ironsides before we climbed up Bunker Hill.

Segway Tours,
ha ha ha!

Bunker Hill Monument
We made it!
But did not climb it.

Lunch at the 99.
We always come back for more!

What is this all about?

Choo - Choo!

You may be familiar with Mike's canoli, but you gotta try the Lobster Tail. It is ENORMOUS and stuffed with a blend of vanilla cream, ricotta cheese, and whipped cream. What?!

As I thought about things I wanted to do before we left town, this was one day-trip I wanted to spend with the family. It exceeded my expectations!


  1. so fun to see all these pictures! we never walked the full trail, so i guess that means we'll just have to visit;)

  2. i miss the freedom trail! we walked it so many times with out of town friends and's fun to see the places we've been. i wished we made the most of our last few months in boston like you all are doing!!

  3. What a fun day! It always amazes me what Colin can do with a camera. Seriously, some of those photos belong in a glossy tourism brochure!