October 2, 2009

Good Morning?

It's 3:47am. Elizabeth has a bad dream and comes into our room. This wakes Brian who makes noises (talking, fussing, screeching) every 10-15 minutes from then until 5am, when I get up for the day and he joins me. Elizabeth is still in our bed, and never goes back to sleep. After Brian is up, she tries to go back to sleep in her bed. She joins us at 5:30 to watch the Little People and start her day.

It's almost 8am, when our school day begins. Brian went back to sleep at 7:30. What will today look like? One can only guess, but I'm imagining a lot of lounging and reading books. And, oh yes, coffee! But this little mischief may foil my "lazy day" plans.

I'm thankful that God's giving me a more positive outlook than I've had the last couple of days. Let's just say I've been a bit moody. Just. A. Bit.

Some photos just for fun.
Man, even though they wake me early,
I sure do love these kids!

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