October 3, 2009

The Beauty of Creation

We've begun a unit about trees. I found this idea online of making a "Know/Wonder/Learned" chart. You pick a topic and write down what you know, what you wonder about it, and what you've learned after your research. I don't actually know why the leaves change color, so I look forward to learning about it. My exchange with Elizabeth went like this:

Me: I wonder why the leaves change color in the fall.

Elizabeth: Because when it's autumn, they want to look beautiful, and put on their fancy clothes.

It will be fun to learn the science while all the time enjoying the beauty.
Happy fall to you all!


  1. you know, this is why i love blogging. that is such an awesome quote, but if you hadn't written it down, you might have forgotten about it, and now you won't. i think blogging is going to be an incredible gift to our kids since so many of the details will be recorded.

  2. What a great way to think of the beauty of autumn! I will never see the colored leaves quite the same way again!

    Considering the changing of the colors will give you the added opportunity to talk about different trees having different leaves. Elizabeth will probably find it easy to learn some types of trees by their leaves.

  3. that is so elizabeth...pretty clothes to look beautiful! she is so funny!!

    ps...i think leaves change color because of sugar freezing in the leaves as the temp drops...or something like that. let me know the real answer when you figure it out!