October 1, 2009

Museum of Science FAIL

Monday morning the kids and I packed up to spend the morning at the Museum of Science, before meeting my friend, Jenny, in Kendall Square for lunch. We rode the MIT shuttle to Kendall and then hopped on the Cambridgeside Galleria bus, which stops close to the museum. It was going to be our first museum visit with our Friends of the Nebraska State Museum pass. (By the way, if you don't have one, it's $45/year and gets you into most major science and children's museums around the US. Check it out here.)

Waiting for the shuttle.
The night before I'd set the pass on the shelf by the door and thought I'd grabbed it before we left. Turns out, I'd shoved a restaurant coupon (similar shape and color) into my back pocket, not the museum pass! And this was discovered as we were approaching the entrance. Pooh.

Fortunately, Elizabeth is a trooper and, though sad, she didn't throw a fit. We used the restroom, walked up and down the musical stairs, got E a sweet treat for her pleasant behavior, and headed to the mall. We had time to kill; so we looked for (and found!) rain boots for both the kids, played with balls as we strolled through Old Navy, and spent some time in the kids book department at Borders - where we found a US floor puzzle at a reasonable price. All that money I saved by not paying for admission at the museum was well spent supporting our economy! You don't have to thank me.

We stopped for a little climb before going into the mall.

We have a family policy of not letting the kids ride the cars.
(That is reserved as a treat from grandparents.)
But we do let them hang out in them when we have time.

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