October 23, 2009

Unclean! Unclean!

I think I might have H1N1. I'm still not caught up from being away; seriously, our house is a MESS! And Elizabeth and I are supposed to dance in two Diwali celebrations this weekend with some of our Indian neighbors. I'm pretty sure if I think I have H1N1 I'm not supposed to go out. Could chest tightness be anything else this time of year?

I do have lots of DC pics. If you know me on facebook, they're all posted. I'll get around to a blog post sometime.

Oh man, I really hope no one else in the family gets sick....


  1. I have a cold right now that's turned into a chest cold, but it started out as a sore throat (and never had a fever or body aches). It could be H1N1 or it could be the regular flu ...

  2. Good to know, Erica. I didn't start with any symptoms other than a dry throat yesterday. Today if I breathe too deeply I have to cough and can feel it in my lungs. Good times! :)

    It was good to see you. Hope you had a fun weekend!