October 27, 2009

Diwali 2009

This weekend Elizabeth and I participated in the Indian Diwali festival. Our friend, Pooja, had invited a group of girls to learn a dance to preform for the event. But in the end, enough girls couldn't be recruited, so the moms joined the dance troupe. We've been practicing several times a week over the last month and this weekend performed. There were two events, one for just folks that live in our complex and another that was campus-wide and in the main campus auditorium.

The young performers:
Rehaab, Snee, Elizabeth, Vrinda

This little girl sang beautifully and inspired the girls to dance along.

And here is our dance!
The word on the street was that the stage performance in Kresge was better.
But this is what we have on video.


  1. what a fantastic cultural experience! go white girls, go!

  2. We loved it so much we watched it twice! What an awesome opportunity for you guys! Elizabeth I can tell you are eager to learn and you did a fantastic job!