October 11, 2009

Ear Infection #3

Brian hasn't been himself for the last five days or so: eating less, waking really early, cranky, longer naps, etc. I've been in denial about an ear infection, hoping we could avoid another round of antibiotics. But, the doctor's office is closed tomorrow and we fly to DC (just the kids and I) on Thursday, so I had to face reality. Brian did have a fever yesterday. So, when the wake-up call was at 4:40 this morning and the fever was still present, I decided it was time to visit the ER.

Turns out 5:30am is a lovely time to be there! We were in and out in an hour and had several nurses stop in to enjoy Brian's cuteness. And this is the thing (thankfully) about my kids when they're sick; the majority of the time, you'd hardly know it. But, seriously, I'm ready for a full night's sleep, and oh yes, I do care about my little boy feeling better soon. (Just remember, he gets to nap during the day and mama doesn't!)

The Bubby is back in bed now, and will hopefully sleep until we leave for church. We're spending the afternoon with our friends, the Orfanidis, which I'm really looking forward to. I may need to sneak in a little nap on their couch!

And now, some photos of the little man as a reward for reading this (pretty boring) post - these updates are mostly to keep the grandparents informed. :)


  1. ANOTHER er visit??? sheesh, reading about all brian's adventures i am thankful i have girls...i think they involve fewer er visits!! and i'll keep in mind that 5:30 is the best time to hit the er...you have been there so often you should know! ;)

  2. I think the picture of Brian studying that phone is by far my favorite Brian picture. If only he were wearing his sweatband!

    What's particularly funny about Brian and this age is that I know he's going to grow into a tall, skinny kid just like Elizabeth before we know it and we're going to look back at these pictures and marvel at the sheer baby mass (and basketball coach awesomeness) represented in these pictures, and hardly recognize him!

  3. Jenny, that's so funny. Part of me is sad that someday the chub will go! But he will need to grow up sometime, whether mama's ready or not. :) I loved his expression in that phone picture too!