June 10, 2011

Time for Reflection

Maybe you remember this picture from earlier in the year.  My friend Kit shared these thoughts from an in-service at her school on what makes a good reflection.

Today I have the totally-not-taken-for-granted privilege of a free day.  The kids are with my mother-in-law (thanks Gladys!) and I can do whatever I want.  The challenge has been deciding what to choose from the long to-do list!  This morning I tackled Mt. Ironing and went for a run.  Now (after as shower, because seriously, I need one) I will take care of a few errands and then get into the meat of the day: reflection.

This afternoon I'm going to take Kit's reflection list, and think and pray about this last school year. I've been craving time to evaluate the year (in a pro and cons list kind of way) and look ahead to what we'll keep and what I'd like to change about how I'm doing things with the kids.

As I worked my way through Mt. Ironing this morning, it occurred to me that I wanted to and needed to have God in on the process of looking back so I remember to extend myself grace for failures, to give Him praise for triumphs, and to seek His guidance for the future.  I get completely overwhelmed trying to figure out what materials to use or not use because there are just so. darn. many.  The Spirit reminded me that God will guide our decisions for our family and I need not fear.  Phew!

I say all of this to ask you to say a little pray for me this afternoon.  Would you?  Please pray that God would give me focus and clarity of thought ... I can get distracted.

I'd also love to know how I can pray for you today.  Leave a comment or shoot me an email, if you'd prefer something more private:  heatherashe at gmail dot com.

Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. I love times of reflection. I'm praying for u my friend. May your day be sweet, productive and refreshing. Love u.

  2. Heather,
    I love that picture of me. Heh heh.
    I'm glad that you were refreshed in your time away. God is GOOD!
    AND, even better that you get to have a weekend with Colin!! Woot!
    Love you, Heather!

  3. Sorry, I'm a bit late coming to this, but if you feel inclined to pray for me, please pray that I (and hubby) would be given wisdom in dealing with one of our kids especially. Maybe pray for all us parents who have kids who are become, or have become, young adults, but whose hearts are not 'safe in the arms of Jesus', but rather, are longing to be steeped in the world out there :(

  4. Anne, I will pray for you and the Builder! I spent too much time "stepped in the world" as a teen. I'll pray for their hearts too; the world is so very enticing.