June 7, 2011

More Birthdays!

Today Brian is 3.  And I am ... also celebrating the anniversary of my birth.

The little man was so excited about getting the 'Cars' cereal.  He didn't skip a beat in asking for it when I inquired about his preferred birthday breakfast.  For weeks he's seen the display at the grocery store and wanted to try it; it was my pleasure to oblige for his special day.  The irony of it all is that it's basically lightly sweetened, red & white, multi-grain cheerios.

This year he's really got the gift opening thing down.
He made quick work of it!

 (Yep, that's underwear on the left, but it is really cool underwear -
his first big boy, non-training pairs.)

The long-awaited - since E's bday on may 21 - BLACK Wii remote! 



  1. Happy birthday to the little man, and to YOU!!

  2. Thanks Alston! I know you share the special child/mother birthday bond too. So cool. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you both! I love his cat in the hat t-shirt. And his joy over receiving new underwear. I love that when our children are young, anything wrapped in pretty paper = something to get excited about. And hey, new underwear IS awesome.