June 20, 2011

Father's Day

My mom knows how to put on a party.  We spent the whole afternoon on the patio & in the yard, eating, drinking, and being merry to celebrate all of the fathers in the group and my dad's (who I call Papa) birthday.

Henry put on a little rock concert for the cousins and Rob and Sven conversed.
Sven is always fun to talk with!

 Birthday cake time!
Brian had trouble understanding that Grandpa was the one who got to blow out the candles.

 This man really loves his grandkids, and they love him!

 Photo session time; gotta preserve the memories.
The kids were all feeling pretty surly by this time in the afternoon,
but I think Colin got some better ones than I did with the "real" camera.
The one on the right below is classic!

 The Germans!

 What's a family gathering without baby Iris?
Isn't she growing nicely?

And finally, the two most important dads in my life: one raised me and the other is my partner in raising our munchkins.  Good men, good engineers, good to have a day to celebrate them.  (Same goes for my father-in-law, but I didn't get a pic with him!  Faux pas on our part.)

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