June 10, 2011

Thanks for Your Prayers

I've got a lot of reading, thinking, and nuts-and-bolts planning to do this summer, but somehow it all seems more manageable now.  Thanks for praying!

I feel encouraged by how God is growing our family together and working in each of our lives individually as we walk this homeschooling path.  Reading the first two chapters of Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay Clarkson today reminded me of how wonderful the calling is, to disciple and educate our kids ... in that order.  What a privilege to touch their hearts for eternity!

For the record, I don't do it well a lot of the time.  I yell in frustration; I get lazy as a teacher; I'd rather hang on the computer than engage with my kids; I often want to let the tv take care of them.  But it uplifts the heart to be reminded that it's worth it to reevaluate, make changes, stick with good things, engage, and persevere.

After having time today, I feel freed from many fears that I was letting dominate my heart as the school year came to a close.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying!

Off to plant some flowers I bought this morning and then,

(All caps means I'm excited about it.)

Have a good weekend, readers.
May you have at least one conversation this weekend that fills you up!

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