June 29, 2011

Let This Be a Lesson to ... Me

As I read through the Bible this year, I'm reading through Proverbs once a month.  While this has been incredibly beneficial overall, I still always chuckle when I come to this verse 27:14.

If a man loudly blesses his neighbour early in the morning,it will be taken as a curse.

Please laugh with me.  The image it evokes in my mind is hilarious - the angry neighbor opens his window Scrooge-style (stocking cap and all) to scowl at the loud "blesser."

It is funny, right?

That said, let it be a lesson to you.  This is God's word we're talking about.  Perhaps it means morning people like me need to tone it down in the morning around the night people.  My apologies if I've ever done this to you ... I used to be "that girl" at camp who'd wake up singing and cheery.

Oh dear, this verse isn't funny anymore....

(She hangs her head in shame and posts this anyway, still amused with her mental image of the scenario.)


  1. You are a morning person? Haha, so am I, Rob and I couldn't be more different.

  2. yeah, I feel like it's a rule that morning people can only fall in love with night people and vice-versa. :)

  3. i still remember chapter camp and how you would wake Melissa up to go running. :-)