February 2, 2011

The Pittsburgh Zoo in the Cold

We went to the zoo for our January end-of-the-month field trip.*

It was freezing.

I bundled the kids in their snow gear, slathered their faces with Aquaphor, and we had a great time!

parking wasn't a problem

pacing tiger, waiting for something

he kindly walked by this window, even rubbing his giant head against it,
like he wanted us to pet him

the elephants indoors


got to see the polar bear dive in for a swim;
he too graciously swam near to say hello

the three baby tigers were out by the time we left!

The monkey house was CRAZY!

I think the animals are more fun when it's cold; my brother had mentioned this to me a while ago.  There aren't as many of them, but they're certainly more active than in the summer.  The Pittsburgh Zoo is really a lovely place.  If you come to visit, we'll take you along!

*A new school tradition we established this year is to take a field trip the last day of the month, preceded by a "fun" breakfast (ie: better than cereal).  It keeps me using our memberships and it's good to just have fun; school can sometimes get to be a little monotonous.


  1. dude, that monkey house sounds more like a frat house. And what a great picture of that polar bear and tiger - I agree, it looks like it was a great choice to go to the zoo in the winter!

  2. that picture of the parking lot is hilarious!