February 3, 2011

He's a Clever One

I was working on this blanket for a friend.  (Steelers colors, yes, but also of the Penguins and the Pirates; three cheers for a town whose pro sports teams all have the same colors!)

It's knit on the diagonal, so you spend the first half of the blanket increasing a stitch each row, then you decrease one stitch each row on the second half.  You can find the pattern here; it's super easy - if you knit - and a fun baby gift.  (I've never done it with the hood.)

My witty husband was keeping me company as I worked, and came up with a novelty t-shirt idea based on the verse "He must increase; I must decrease." John 3:30, where John the Baptist speaks of Jesus.  Picture it: the name Jesus above an illustration of increasing a stitch in knitting, next to the word I with an illustration of decreasing a stitch, with the Scripture reference below.

So nerdy.

But right up my humor alley.

Anyone want to design it ...

... for the three people that might buy it?


  1. The way I envisioned it, Jesus would be depicted on, say, the left side of the shirt knitting something where it would be obvious to knitters that he was increasing. On the right side of the shirt would be someone in modern clothing (meant to represent the shirt's wearer) knitting something where it should be obvious that the person was decreasing stitches. I think my version would be funnier, due to its greater subtlety. Your version would be better for people who object to depictions of Jesus.

  2. Ha, you called yourself "the clever one"! Nice. I like your idea!