February 19, 2011

Just Some Days, Just Some Ordinary Days

Here are some things that have been going on around here.  Sorry I have been slow in delivering posts.  It's not 'cause I'm not thinking!

My "little" brother had a birthday.  Can you guess his age?
Happy Birthday, Rob!

Elizabeth got an easel from Grammy and Grampy for Valentine's Day.  She's so excited about it.  "Fish" was her first painting ... for Dad. She's also been learning to knit.

 The weather has been LOVELY!  So we've been at parks a lot.  Brian's bigger and braver.  It's exciting to think about his 3-year-old summer and how awesome it's going to be!

 He's also been doing a little gaming on the DS.  And (poor child) I even sometimes give him little things to do while sister is doing school work.  Any creative ideas you want to share?  The "just go and play" thing rarely works!

As for me, would you pray for my preparations to speak at a women's retreat the weekend of April 8-10?  I'd really appreciate it!  I started working on it last night; at moments I was quite overwhelmed with the task - I have so much to read and learn.  I feel a little like E in the picture at the right.  Thanks for your prayers.


  1. I will be praying for you, sister!
    Can't wait!

  2. Yay for little girl knitting! It's so cute to see their little fingers work.
    One thing I do for my boy during school time is give him some of our math manipulatives to play with. These only come out during school time, so they hold his interest for awhile.
    Another thing he likes is scissors and paper. He hacks up the paper into tiny pieces, then throws it all away. I consider it practicing "scissor skills".

  3. Good ideas, Heather. Thanks! B does love E's cuisinare rods and he does love to cut. Sometimes I'm bound by feeling like it needs to be more "structured." It is scissor skills, for sure!