January 31, 2011

Good Friend, Good Ideas!

This is my lovely friend Carol:

She has great ideas.

I'd like to share two of them.

 1. Getting a bag of beans, pouring them into a pan, and letting your kids play in them with their small diggers and dump trucks.  It's like a mini-sandbox!  And if when beans end up on the floor, sweep them up, rinse them in a colander, dry, and resuse!

2. In a recent letter (Yes, a real letter; Carol and I are old fashioned, letter writing friends!) Carol suggested that we intentionally pray for one another each week.  Now on Tuesday at 9pm you'll find me in Pittsburgh and Carol in DC, somewhere in our homes, praying for one another.  We started last week, and I was overwhelmed by the blessing of knowing that AT THAT MOMENT my family and I were being lifted up in prayer.  So cool that I couldn't resist passing it along, especially if you have dear friends who live far away from you.

Thanks, Carol, for being you!

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