January 24, 2011

Dry Hands, Dry Hearts: God's Word in the Winter

My sandpapery knuckles and splitting cuticles painfully remind me that it's winter.  They also remind me that I need to regularly (read: 1,000 times a day) lotion up my hands if I want less pain and my skin to survive the season.

This got me to thinking about how a little daily maintenance can make a great long-term difference.  Here are some other life examples:
  • putting our clothes into the hamper and drawers each day, rather than having a HUGE job come laundry day;
  • picking up or putting away toys as you're done using them, rather than having to clean up everything at the end;
  • getting the dishes done after each meal, rather than waiting until the end of the day;
  • regular dental or medical check-ups, so we catch things earlier rather than later.

In all of these things, I often can't be bothered.  My excuses abound, then I have to endure the consequences of a little laziness here and a little sloth there.  It's painful - like dry, cracked hands that remind you that you could have done something to avoid it.

As I lathered up with lotion this morning, I got to thinking about how this applies to our spiritual lives.  Daily time in the Word and prayer with the Father is like balm for our souls.  Life may have us in the dead of winter: dry, dark, and cold.  But we can be filled with hope and joy: drinking form the fountain of life, letting God's light shine in, warming our self at the fires of His love.  The consequences of not doing this can leave our hearts looking a lot like dry hands or messy rooms.

This week, let's turn to God's Word when our cuticles crack and the temperatures outside make us groan with a longing for spring.  A little heart maintenance WILL go a long way! 

Cast your cares on the Lord,
and He will sustain you;
he will never let
the righteous be shaken.
Psalm 55:22

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