January 29, 2011

Nurturing Your Kids When They're in Their 30s

Thursday, my mom and dad joined us for dinner.  Prior to coming mom had to get some things at Sams.  She arrived with some very tasty bread to go with our soup, a painting I'd asked her to pick up for me from a thrift shop, and NEW FUZZY PJs!


If you have a one that takes care of you, even though you're all grown up, you know how I felt about those new pajamas.  She didn't know it, but I really did need a new pair.  They are red.  And they are fuzzy.  And they just made me feel so filled up in side.  Can't wait to put them on again tonight!

We never outgrow our need for mom, do we?  We never get over needing to be cared for.

Your mom may be near, far, or gone.  But think about her or mom-figures in your life.  What comes to mind?

my mom and my kids
 Two suggestions, if you've been blessed by a good woman in your life:

 1. Send that person a little note of thanks today.  (Mom, this one's yours.
  1.  2. Consider how YOU could do the same for another woman in your life - your   
  2.  own child, a young single woman, a young mother you know whose 
  3.  folks are far away, a widow, etc.

 I still call my mom "Mommy" - how about you?


  1. Heather, you are dead right. Moms just never cease to be moms, and now that our older kids are in their late 'teens', I'm beginning to see this in myself: yes, their needs change slightly, but their need for Mom really doesn't. x

  2. I always really really want my mom when I'm sick. My Grandmother told my mom that she misses her own mother (who passed away long ago) the most when she's sick. I too am so blessed to have a mother who really takes care of me!