May 27, 2009

It's a Celebration! - Part 2

Sunday afternoon we had a party for Elizabeth and her friends. The theme was luau-ish; thanks for the idea goes to Oriental Trading Co. Elizabeth invited twelve little girlfriends to her first "drop off" party, meaning moms & dads could drop their kid(s) and go! Here are some pictures of the set-up and cake. The flip flop cut out is compliments of the Betty Crocker website.

Addy was the first friend to arrive and she and Elizabeth did a little running around.

We began with some coloring, to wait for everyone to get there.

The first game - so that all could get their party favors and wear the during the party - was Pass the Parcel, which we learned from friends from Singapore and Australia. It's similar to hot potato, except when the music stops someone opens one layer of the gift to see what they get. Everyone gets something!

We followed Pass the Parcel with a grass skirt relay. We split the girls into two teams and they had to take turns passing the skirt, bracelets and leis from person to person. The older girls kept it going. (The age range at the party was 3.5-8.) Thanks girls!

Finally we played Pin the Coconut on the Palm Tree. I don't think I need to explain this one except that Amanda was the "coconut lady," and the kids chose their coconut from her arms right before their turn to get blindfolded. Some got close and some not so much!

After the games we got out the cake, sang, and ate.

We had a little extra time, so Elizabeth was able to open her gifts with everyone present (pun intended.) Her friends got her a wonderful assortment of birthday treats. She was very excited about all of them!

To those of you who brought your girls to the party, we're so glad they were there to celebrate with her. More importantly, we're so happy that Elizabeth has such great friends. Thanks for making her birthday special!

Special thanks go to our friend Dr. Amanda Giermann (she just got her doctorate two weeks ago!!!) for all of her assistance before, during, and after the party. Things would not have gone as smoothly with you, Amanda. Thanks!

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