May 13, 2009

Why My Husband Is The Best (and a few other things)

Last Friday my Mother's day gifts arrived. Colin was anxious for me to open them, so I could use them right away. All I knew for sure was that the gift was purple ... Elizabeth didn't manage to keep it all a secret! Here's my Mother's Day booty:

You may remember that I'm training for a 5-miler the day before my 30th birthday. To help me (continue to) prepare, Colin bought me this amazing little iPod nano. It is sweet. The little orange Nike thing to the left is a chip that tracks my workouts and the black pocket to the right is where it lives, attached to my shoe. You insert a receiver into the base of the iPod and voila, you're set! I feel as if I'm now really a woman of the 21st century. This is the coolest gadget I've ever owned. People, I skipped the discman. My last portable music player took cassette tapes. Yes, I still have it ... though not the tapes.

If you care, I'm up to 3.5 miles. I run every other day and I've been adding a 1/2 mile per week. I will be running 5 miles a few times before the race. Sometimes I think I won't be able to do it. But it's a reasonable goal. I'm glad to have had the goal to keep going. And I think it will be really fun to feel in shape as I both say good-bye to my 20s and wean my baby. These things will both occur June 6, 2009. (I do wish to have another baby someday, but for now, I'm excited to feel like "me" again.)

To summarize: I am still training for the 5-miler. You people in the "in" crowd can now accept me because I have an iPod. My family is so very sweet to me and I felt very loved this Mother's Day weekend!

(Oh, and those milk chocolate clouds from Trader Joe's are worth your money if you like Turtles. I already finished them....)


  1. Way to go with the running! That is awesome! And I've definitely got to check out those chocolate clouds . . .

  2. You are amazing, Heather! Such determination. I need to jog (not run) more :(