May 27, 2009

It's a Celebration! - Part 1

Elizabeth's birthday kicked off around 5:15am. Brian thought that would be a nice time to wake up, and sister followed his lead. It was fortunate that we had 5-1/2 hours to prepare for our lunch trip to Chuck E Cheese. How else would we have gotten there by 11?

The first gift she opened was from us,
a new-to-her My Little Pony bike.

Sizing it up.

So happy!

She opened a bunch of other gifts from family, but there are too many pictures to post them all. So I'll post these, because the expressions are entertaining.

Since we were up early and the day was lovely - only to get quite hot later - we took a stroll and E got in the first spin on her bike ... in a new outfit, of course!

Elizabeth really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese on her birthday. So we invited two of her friends to join us (those not in school that morning). With coupons that got us food and 150 tokens, how could we not have had a wonderful time?!

Elizabeth loved this game,
you catch bouncing "bees" and
put them in the honeypot.

Brian was there too.

Dad gravitated to the basketball games.
Here Patton (Lilli's brother) and Brian joined him.

Bjarney and Lilli, our friends!
(I didn't get a good one of E with them,
but they look so good I had to post this!)

The animated Chuck E was a source of
great delight and great terror!

But E got brave when he wasn't moving!

Some other sweet moments together!
We wrapped the day up with some birthday brownies after dinner. And Elizabeth told us about her favorite parts of the day. (Sorry it's sideways!)

The next post will be of the birthday party we had Sunday afternoon with all of her girlfriends. Stay tuned for "It's a Celebration - part deux."


  1. so sweet! I love that she's so excited about her library card. I'd say you've done something right, mom!

  2. WOw!!! What a bash.. You're going to have trouble keeping up with this much fun! Thanks for putting all of the pictures and commentary up. It makes us feel like we were a part of all the fun, too.

    NOW.... get on that plane and get here already!

  3. out of all the presents and the bike she mentions a library card?!? too precious!!! happy birthday elizabeth!