May 13, 2009

Take Your Vitamins!

Elizabeth recently expressed interest in vitamins. She takes a multivitamin every morning, and I think the interest stemmed from this - thanks for pointing that out, Veronica! So I got online and found this site which offered a concise overview of the different vitamins. I got in my head that we should make a chart. It has four rows: the vitamin, fat or water soluble, what it does for us, foods that contain the vitamin. So we're taking a vitamin a day and learning about it. Here's what Elizabeth's chart looks like so far:

The process looks like this:
  1. I read a little to Elizabeth about the day's vitamin.
  2. Elizabeth has to write the vitamin letter.
  3. She writes FAT or WATER to indicate whether it's fat or water soluble.
  4. She draws pictures or write words to show how the vitamin helps our body.
  5. We get online and she types vitamin 'x' foods into google and we choose a page to find foods with the vitamin.
  6. She cuts pictures of the foods out of the weekly grocery flyers and glues them onto the chart.
This project ended up way cooler than I expected and Elizabeth's learning or practicing a bunch of skills.
  1. writing
  2. web searching
  3. drawing
  4. where foods are in the flyer and grocery store (eg. cheese and milk are dairy, fruits and veggies are produce)
  5. cutting and pasting
  6. how to read a chart
And best of all, she's maintaining interest and we're having a lot of fun!


  1. Man, it says a lot about how things have changed in our lifetimes that "web searching" is now (legitimately!) listed along with writing, cutting and pasting as an important childhood skill :o)

  2. This is a great idea, Heather! I am thinking this might spur Sonya to eat different foods instead of just the usual ones.

  3. great idea! i'm going to keep it in mind for after we get settled...