May 7, 2009

Brian - 11 months

One more month and we'll be having a birthday party for this little boy!

Brian has been busy this month! He can walk all over the place with push-toy assistance and knows how to pull up on and sit back down from anything he chooses: learning table, couch, chairs, handle-less kitchen cupboards, Elizabeth, etc. He's got insatiable curiosity for just about anything he sees, but his primary interests are things with buttons, wheels, and any noise-making item. He's also gotten into climbing stairs on the playground equipment. This is going to be a very fun summer!

Going for the keyboard
He's doing this all the time
and driving us crazy!

Little porker continues to consume food at lightning speed and is joining us now for many of the things we eat at meals. He's only nursing 2x/day, and will be weaned on his first birthday. He seems to really enjoy cow's milk, so the weaning has been going quite smoothly.

Brian doing "cheese!"

His little lips
a common expression these days


On a final note, Brian's not afraid to share his opinion about something, whether he's clapping in glee or loudly protesting not being allowed to bang on the computer keyboard. He's a happy little fellow with a great laugh and some really funny noises. He's got several syllables in his repertoire and he loves to babble. There's a lot of personality in this funny little bundle. We're enjoying him immensely every day!

Here are recent videos showcasing some of his abilities:

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  1. thanks for the videos! i miss you guys and a i can't believe how much older he is!