May 21, 2009

Elizabeth - 5 years!

Elizabeth is 5 years old today!

Here are a few faces from the last month:
Elizabeth's got a lot going on! Here's a list of things about her at 5:
  • lots of talking: explaining, story telling, joke making, question asking, and whining!
  • lots of activity: jumping, running, bike riding, chasing, ball kicking and catching
  • lots of curiosity: how, why, where, when, who?
  • lots of help: table setting, towel folding, bed making, toy organizing, and Brian entertaining
  • lots of independence: dressing herself, playing by herself, solo playdates with friends, getting ready for bed alone, and gettting in and out of the car
She tries new things,
and thinks she's strong!

She loves nature,
especially fluffy dandelions!

She wears herself out,
and sucks her thumb!

She's a wonderful helper,
and (still) takes great delight in it!

She dresses herself,
and comes up with some great combos.

Here is one of her new feats of strength.

Elizabeth is an endless source of delight for our family.

We love you, sweet girl!!!


  1. give a big hug to the birthday girl from us!

  2. We love you too, Elizabeth. Lots and lots!
    Have a great 5th Birthday!
    From Grammy and Grampy

  3. when did elizabeth become a teenager? wearing ear buds, sticking her tounge out??? She's beautiful too! What a lovel personality and I miss her and you all so much!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!!!!

    Sorry I didn't realize it was soon!
    Hopefully we'll see ya today and can wish her a happy birthday in person!

  5. Happy birthday, Biz-Bith! We love you so much, and are so proud of your feats of strength, communication, and fashion. I feel so blessed to get to see you grow into the beautiful girl that you are today, at 5. I can't wait to see what the next 5 years hold!