March 4, 2009

I'm Out ... Peace

We head to Pittsburgh for a long weekend tomorrow afternoon. So I leave you with these gems from the week.

Today, Elizabeth wanted to be Gabriela from Sid the Science Kid. She put on pink and white clothes and asked me to put her hair in balls on the sides of her head.

Brian's crazy giggles, when he's tired at night and we tickle him. Is he having fun or is he in pain?


  1. Good impression! Have a good trip!

  2. maybe some yellow face paint could add to her look alikeness...just thought i'd give elizabeth the idea!

    what acute laugh brian has!! kate does the same laugh out loud i'm in pain kind of thing - don't know whether to keep going or stop.

    have fun! i'll miss your posts :)

  3. I thought she looked very cute during playdate last week but I didn't realize that she was Gabriela. Nice!

  4. that was SO cute. we were laughing so much with him, because of him! I wish ivy laughed like that. spencer, "lets do that again!" hahaha that was awesome.