March 31, 2009

Congratulations Jeff and Courtney!

This weekend we attended the wedding of a friend from our days as GRTs here at MIT. A GRT, Graduate Resident Tutor, is a graduate student who lives in the dorm with undergrads and serves as what would be called a Resident Assistant at most schools. Colin and I (and Elizabeth the 2nd year) served in this capacity for two years ('03-'05) and Jeff has kept in touch since he moved to Chicago. He met this lovely lady not too long ago and they married on Saturday. We had the privlege of not only attending the wedding but providing a groomsman and a flower girl. It was a lovely time! And, making the weekend even more fun, my mom came along to help with childcare and we got a chance to visit with her side of the family; she grew up about 2 hours south of Chicago.

Here's a photo log of our trip:

Our flights there and back went off without a hitch!

Gramma met us at the airport and we began our adventure!

I had to include this shot mom took of Elizabeth!

The Ashe family

Gramma and the kids had a great time!


Elizabeth and the bride, Courtney

Elizabeth with the groom, Jeff

Colin and the groomsmen

E was a little embarrassed on the first run-though,
so she came down the aisle like this.


E's dress (front)

E's dress (back)

That afternoon, my mom and I had visited
some antique shops and came upon a doll store.
She got E this flower girl doll to commemorate the day!

The Ashe family all dressed up!

Jeff and Colin, before the ceremony

Bride and Flower Girl

The walk down the aisle!

The female side of the wedding party

E with the new Mr. and Mrs.

The cake (I thought it was beautiful!)

E loved the bridesmaids

A little daddy daughter dance

E kept the dance floor alive.
It got sillier and sillier as time passed.

E, B, and their second cousin, Brooke.
E and Brooke had a great time doing 4-year-old things together!

Brooke really loved holding and cuddling Brian.

Brian got pretty wiped out with all of the excitement.

On departure morning we took one last dip in the pool.

E was very brave about putting her face in the water,
and finally got her hair to hang in front of her face like mommy.


  1. i would love to sit next to elizabeth on a plane - you can see her excitment in that first picture!

    what a brave little one too - walking down the aisle, dancing in front of people, and putting her face in the water.

    i love the weekend update :)

  2. Wow! What beauty! I love E's non-traditional flower-girl dress, and the dancing was amazing; to the Dirty Dancing theme none-the-less.

    Thanks for all the pictures!