April 1, 2009

No official 5-miler for me...

So, the Harpoon Brewery 5-miler for ALS sold out in 2 hours. What really stinks is that we logged on at 12:13pm, and it said the event was already closed. Registration had opened at noon. I was bummed.

About 20 minutes ago, Jenny called to say that I should try again, that they'd experienced a high volume of registrations at the same time so the "event closed" page had come up even though it was not closed.

So on the computers we got and kept refreshing and refreshing and then finally at 2:03 it said that the event was full and had sold out in 2 hours.

I am EXTREMELY pissed, but I have no place to direct my anger. I'm super disappointed because I was so excited to do this "official" thing to get in shape and say, "Good-bye 20s, hello 30s." I thought this was a great birthday celebration idea.

I don't know how to deal appropriately with strong emotions. And yes, I have anger issues. Right now I want to cry and punch some one and say mean things ... none of which would be helpful, except for maybe the crying. I'm sure I'll feel fine in a little while, once I get my mind off of it.*

* We are planning on working something out with Chris and Jenny, who were able to register. We'll run bibless or something, it's not a big deal, but in this moment this is how I'm feeling.


  1. Suggestion for dealing with some of those strong anger feelings: go for a run! ;o) (Sorry, couldn't resist. Sorry you couldn't register :( )

  2. It's good idea, and the thought had crossed my mind! I was thinking some rhythm boxing with the Wii might be good. :)

  3. Viva la revolution! We will run regardless of their fancy "registration". bah.

  4. smoke a cigarette. it works everytime.