April 7, 2009

Brian - 10 months

Our little guy is now 2 months shy of his first birthday. This seems quite unbelievable to me, and yet so very believable at the same time. What's our little man up to now?

  • has pulled himself to standing several times
  • if set up standing, he can hang that way for a long time
  • will take steps while holding on to your hands
  • "cruises" around his learning table
  • crawls well ... and fast if he wants to get away from you!
  • still loves to eat, and now joins us for our casseroles, meatloaves, etc.
  • weaning has begun - nurses 3x/day and has cow's milk with dinner
  • loves toys with wheels and any type of ball
  • routine sleep schedule! - naps at 9am and 1pm, 7pm-6am nighttime
  • still madly in love with his sister
  • no major separation anxiety, but loves his mommy
  • makes lots of funny blowing and raspberry sounds
  • babbles a fair amount: ma-mas, ba-bas, and da-das
  • now has 6 teeth, four on top, two on the bottom
And now, for your enjoyment, a video of some of those raspberries ... with a surprising finale!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That buh-bye at the end was great! Has he been saying that? Dex says "ut oh" when prompted. I'm sorry E has an ear infection - she and Dex both this week!