April 21, 2009

You Kin Do It ... for 50 cents

Drop by a Dunkin Donuts today and get yourself a 50 cent small iced coffee.

Not only can you "bring yourself back" from the post-lunch slump on the cheap, but ten percent of the purchase goes to support "Homes for Our Troops" - they build handicapped accessible homes for disabled veterans. (I realize that's on 5 cents/cup, but every penny counts!)

Happy Dunkin Donuts promotional Tuesday!


  1. this is like torture to me. I don't think driving 90 miles to the nearest dunkin' donuts would even out to the 1.50 saved on a french vanilla iced coffee with skim milk and sugar. (I still remember my order, though, obviously.) I have a dream that one day I will see the orange and pink here in Waco. . .

  2. Why am I only hearing about this at 5pm?! Coulda used some earlier :o)