April 15, 2009

Easter with the Ashes

The morning started with this snotty nosed baby and his meager Easter basket.

Elizabeth woke up a little later and explored her basket.

After church, we brunched with some friends from Westgate.
(L to R: Hordur, Gyda, Colin, Emil, Nara)

(L to R: Bjarney, Elizabeth, Leila, Farah)

Margie/mom/gramma sent us flowers to adorn the table.

Gyda and Hordur brought an Icelandic egg.

Inside it was full of goodies!

Following our meal, the dads hid eggs for the girls to find.
It was really fun;
MIT dads have creative hiding skills!

Brian was not feeling well, so he slept through most of the fun.
But he joined in toward the very end.

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