April 18, 2009

Baseball Fever ... Catch It!

This morning we embarked on E's first experience with a team sport! Earlier this week at a friends' house, I saw a flyer for the West Cambridge Baseball program, which includes Tee Ball for kids 4-5. Turns out there is also an East Cambridge league, so we went this morning to check it out. Perhaps my girl will end up not enjoying ball playing, but I (really, really, really) hope that she does and can enjoy girls softball as much as I did growing up. If it's not for her, I promise I won't force it on her. What follows is a photo/video journal of the morning.

Elizabeth tried to find someone to play with:
first stop, home plate.

She managed to get the organizer to give her the ball he had.
I made her share and play "catch" with a couple of other kids.
(She didn't really want to share, but it worked out.)

Elizabeth, Charlie, and Justin.
Charlie lives at Westgate
We knew Justin from the library.

When things got organized, they began with some base running. The kids all lined up and ran to first, then back to the end of the line. After that, they ran to second, and back to the line. Then third to the line. And, finally, they all got to do a full run around the bases. A great way to start, especially for Elizabeth. She loves to run!

Running to second base.

It was picture day, so they got their hats and t-shirts!

Brian spent the first little bit sleeping,
then later liked watching the kids run around the bases.
(I can't get enough of this baby in jeans!)

Last night at dinner Elizabeth expressed concern about playing tee ball. I asked her why she was feeling worried. Her response was something like this: "I'm afraid that I'll hit the ball really far and hurt someone."

And I thought she was feeling nervous! Ha!


  1. okay, tell us your secret! How have you gotten Elizabeth to be so confident? And I find it hilarious that she is particularly confident in her physical strength (. . .the solo couch carrying is still cracking me up).

  2. These pictures are SO SO SO adorable! I love the E. Cambridge Tee ball pic. You should frame that. And Brian is completely cute and squishy. He's cute like a baby penguin. Baby penguins are really cute.
    Glad you guys are getting good weather up there!--Michelle

  3. I love these pictures!!! You didn't start ball quite so early.. so it is great that E. is ready to 'play ball'!!

    And that squishy little onlooker is too cute holding onto the fence.

    I like the first picture with E cleaning off home plate with her foot!!

    Love her hair, too.

    give 'em a squeeze.